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    Section II on Friday afternoon class, long-awaited New Year‘s party officially started!

    Class did not use the color bars and other decorative bells and whistles too, but posted in each window of the bars and I think these little decorated than the other classes Rounds. The rescheduling of the class seats are also a bit in the middle leaving a lot of neutral gear, give the students performances. Because I came relatively late, sitting in the last.

    New Year‘s Day party started, and Ning-Ling and Zhou Zhengyang come for a very boring speech. Finally, the first on the program began. Programs are more, I can not describe each of the following I will highlight a number of given me a deep impression on the program bar.

    Zhou Zhengyang walked classroom center, said with a smile: Here, there are requests I Zhengrong, Hu Yi-dong, Wang BenBen, DONG Bing-sing for our speech that we are very familiar pop songs - Pungent . Thunderous applause, students They are excited, and some even knock on the table when the drum. They are four you push me, I pull you will come up. Four lined type, a man sang a has begun. Days, they are too timid, and even dare to sing Jay Chou‘s song, not to mention classes and Wang Jia Lao teachers are at the scene, how they dare to sing? ! Hu Yi-dong made a start gun, he did not sing loud noise, but the first one to eat crab people need courage; the second is king Ben Ben, he changed the past of the fierce, turned into a very m applauded. Because they have the head, back, and Zan Wu Ching-hui brazenly sang on Jolin Tsai‘s Thirty-Six Stratagems of love.

    There is also a program is performing sketches Gong contingent. She speaks of the vivid, very funny, and she mimics the voice of an old township 8, really, as it is the opposite! Her performance won the rounds of applause and laughter, I really worthy of a female comedy king!

    Time off really fast, turned away for New Year‘s Day party is over. I‘m sorry, but am glad to primary and secondary school age the last New Year‘s Day party is the most significant.


    Look! The classroom of our class is colourful, the glittering ribbon on the glass looks bright in the classroom. A string of big balloons appear round classroom chubby, garland on the lamp is bright and dazzling brilliant purples and reds. We are here to spend the last New Year's Party of my primary school career.

    Seven of our presenters are read at the opening of the shine with happiness. Look! The little photographer in our class is taking pictures for us! Our program is really colorful and unique. The cheerful and unrestrained dance is pleasing to the eye; the graceful and elegant singing is delightful; the humorous and funny sketches are long aftertaste. The classroom is a lot of laughter, applause and endless, wonderful!

    Jia Siqi, Li Jiali, Han Jiarui performing "breathe" dance won everyone's applause. I took a camera and gave them a beautiful dance. Look! The three of them are the envy I looked in good out of a bandbox. I'm going to be addicted to photography this time, the left one, the right one. Cool! Mom! The headmaster and a few leaders come! It's amazing. We have several students in high spirit to stand at the door on both sides, with me a password "salute!" we have several students at a king in fine Fig. "Finish!" the principal and several leaders came in, we ringing loud said: "welcome, welcome, welcome......" We act to make the leaders laugh.

    At the end of the party in the classroom more than 70 balloons together "pops" burst, the new year's party is in a lively atmosphere drew to a successful conclusion.


    ‘’The bell of the new year will be ringing, and the wheel of time is left again... " The activity of "Celebrating the new year" in our class began.

    The middle of the classroom is Wang Rouhan and I: two graceful bearing host.

    Then the teacher Wang to New Year greetings: students, Hello, 2010 to pay us in cosco...... I wish the students a great success here.

    Then we played the first game: robbing the bench. The prop has 4 stools. The rules are: 5 people to take part in, to grab 4 stools, not sitting on the stool people eliminated, and so on, and the final 2 people robbed 1 stools, win the winner!

    The first choice is: Yang Xin, Zhao Peicheng, Zhang Hengjie and others. They stood in a row, waiting for the orders. "3, 2..." Command not finished, they kidnapped. "Foul!" the whole class shouted. They have to come back. I re issued the order "3, 2, 1..." Don't shout "GO", they kidnapped. The whole class was laughing again! They came back with a red face again. "Who will make a foul again?" Mr. Wang made a death order! I had no choice but to make another order "3, 2, 1..." GO! "The orders came out, but they were still indifferent!" ha ha ha... " The class once again set the whole room roaring with laughter. They were afraid of being eliminated, because I haven't made orders! I am helpless, had to the "quiet, all the attention: 3, 2, 1, GO!!!" they finally heard a sudden, like a ferocious lion chased the deer into a general "deer", not only brave! Don't "hide" to "deer" lion Zhu Yuqi get disheartened left. The remaining 4 "lions" return to the starting point, ready to start to grab the 3 "Sika Deer". Again, they rushed to the "deer". This time, Zhang Hengjie failed. The rest of the game was more intense. In the final game, Yang Xin ran with the unbeatable race, sitting on the stool in a moment, making his opponent Lei Zhiqiang defeated and winning the final victory!

    After that, we also played the game of "beating the drum" and so on, and the time passed in our laughter and laughter. Although we can not stop the passage of time, but in our hearts, there are some happy fragments, and our desire for the future. Because we believe that tomorrow is more wonderful!


    Time is like water in the river, but it can only go away. In an instant, the new year is coming, in order to celebrate the new year's day, our class held a party to open up a fresh outlook.

    Evening, I went to the classroom early find the classroom, the students all take on an altogether new aspect, smile, say hello to bursting with happiness, with each other, the roof covered with riotous with colour balloon, like a red smiley children. The window is hanging on the students carefully cut the window: a naughty monkey, the hare and the mighty tiger, all very true to life, vivid. The most striking thing is to write a few big words with color chalk on the blackboard: Celebrating the new year's day. There is a breath of joy everywhere.

    The party opened the curtain in the warm applause. The first program is composed with a talent for music with sweet to sing us a song "childhood", her beautiful voice deeply touched us, let us out, heard the sound of outer space. Then, by Luo Zhongxiang and Zhou Guoqing has acting talent show "the rabbit and the turtle race", they are what we in the audience full of sound and colour, with rapt attention, as if he had been brought to the vivid scene. The most wonderful is "martial arts" Li Kun performing martial arts, he first turned a few Gendou, has been turned over to the central station, and then performed his forte: hastily. The students were attracted to the attention, eyes wide, standing up and waving the arms, shouting: "one more, another one." Li Kun also performed "hang up gold hook". This unusual program received a warm applause from the students. The next Festival is more than a wonderful, applause and a burst of warmth.

    The party ended up with the students singing and laughing, this is really a happy New Year's day.

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